Copyright and Fair Use Project

Copyright and Fair Use Project

You will work individually or in teams of no more than two to create a short video (1 to 2 minutes) that you can use with elementary students to teach them the concepts of copyright and fair use. This will be a tool you can actually use in your classrooms.

This project is worth 40 points. Use the rubric on good video projects as a guide when creating your video. I will grade using that rubric which is 28 points. The remaining 12 points of your grade will be based on the content of your video. I am looking to see that you understand how copyright and fair use apply in the educational setting. If you have a question, email me to clarify. If you want to run your script by me, email it to me with plenty of notice before the deadline. Your understanding of copyright is an important part of the School of Education certifying you as being fit to receive a teaching license. It is important to me that you get this right.

You will turn in your finished product by 4:30 PM on April 16. The finished product can be submitted by:
  • posting it on your eFolio and emailing me the link
  • posting it to YouTube as a private video and emailing me the link
  • posting it to YouTube as a public video and emailing me the link
  • posting it to another video sharing website and emailing me the link

Tools you can use to create the video:
  • Camtasia (free 30 day trial)
  • Photostory (free)
  • MovieMaker (free)
  • iMovie (not free)
  • Other web-based video creation services

If you are not sure how to use some of these tools you can:
  • look at their help documents
  • Google for direction documents or How To Videos
  • After you have done those things then you can contact me if you are still having trouble.