Course Introduction:


Animoto - We will create a free account in class and then use 5 - 8 images to create a 30 second video introducing ourselves to each other.

Big Ideas of Course

  • Look at our schedule and the big concepts of the course
  • Edutopia video
  • What the course is not

Technology Perceptions

What are your perceptions of how technology is being used in schools by teachers and students (good and bad)?

Group 1
Diana, Rachel, Amanda, Chelsea, Susan

Group 2
Beatrice, Ashley, Katherine D., Alan

Group 3
Stephany, Katherine L., Jaren, Samantha

Technology Data

Some statistics on technology in the classroom


Brief review of the expectations.
Details of the assignment found here.


Before next class

-Complete the Socrative Exit Ticket by 7:30 AM, 1/23/13 (Room Number 77809)
-Create your WM Wiki account and create your eFolio Shell - start working on it.
-Log on to Edmodo and join the group "W&M/UVA Technology Course" (group code: i6ahhl)
  • On the Edmodo group you will find a link to a PreService Teacher Survey administered via a Google Form. Take the survey.
  • Then read the TPACK article included in the group.