• Copyright Items
  • Corrections to Lesson Plans
  • Micro-teaching expectations
  • Mid Course Survey Results

Creative Writing and Editing

Open this document for the creative writing and editing portion.

Timer Link

Writing Revisor Link
Password - gold9chart

Debrief Questions:
  • What was the content?
  • What was the technology?
  • What was the pedagogy?
  • Did all three work well in support of each other?
  • Was the lesson effective?
  • Did the technology add value to the lesson?

Station 1 - Song in the Classroom

Say it with a Song (1 minute video)

Link to the Discovery Education song list.
  • Where might you use this in instruction?
  • What are the benefits to using songs (if any)?
  • What are the negatives to using songs (if any)?
  • Was one song more effective than the other? Why?

Station 2 - Read, Write, Think Interactives

In this activity you will review and evaluate two of the Read, Write, Think Interactive Assignments linked here.
  1. Review the list of interactives and select two that look interesting.
  2. Go to the Google Spreadsheet where we are collecting our data. Type your name and enter the name of the activity you would like to review. Check to make sure that no one else has selected that interactive on the spreadsheet. You cannot review an interactive that someone else has already claimed.
  3. Review the interactive and answer the questions on the Google Spreadsheet.

Station 3 - Spelling City

Go to the Spelling City website I have created and use the list of spelling words I created to explore the features of this tool. Feel free to create your own free account and try creating your own list.
  • What are the benefits of using this tool? The negatives?
  • Does this tool add value to your instruction?
  • How might you use it in your classroom?

Station 4 - App Evaluation

Go to this Google Document of eight mobile device apps.

Station 5 - PowerPoint Rules

Watch the linked video.
What are the key takeaways?

Station 6 - Audio Stories

Listen to "Where the Wild Things Are"
  • Should you use audio books when teaching? Why or why not?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What are the negatives?

Station 7 - Audio and Video Creation

Download and instal one of these three free software programs to your computer and then begin exploring its capabilities.
Link to Audacity
Link to PhotoStory
Link to MovieMaker

Depending on time - create a story using one of these tools to explain what we did and learned in class today.