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Video Case Study

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Learning Activity Types and Social Studies Taxonomy

Activity Types for Social Studies

Another random team generating website

2nd Grade - Comparing Past and Present

3rd Grade - Why Do People Trade?

4th Grade - Civil War Trading Cards Activity

Powerful Pedagogy / Technology Combinations


Link to Tools Page

​Guided Exploration of Tools

Pair up or on your own - explore one technology tool/resource good for use with Social Studies
Explore the tool
Create a lesson snapshot that you can share via the web. It will include
  • A content topic and learning goal that work well with the tool.
  • Highlight a few positive and negative elements of using the tool in the classroom.
  • Create a suggested LAT sequence that includes the tool and a brief description of how the lesson/activity would go in a class.
  • Share your work on our class Edmodo Page by commenting on the video link posted by Mr. Pantazes.