Course Introduction

Animoto - video creation
Wallwisher - collaborative brainstorming
WM Wikis - knowledge creation
Socrative - web based personal response system
Google Drive - Cloud based document storage and sharing
Edmodo - Educational Learning Management System (kind of)

Introduction to TPACK

Google Forms via Google Drive
Random Group Generator

Social Studies TPACK Case Study

DsCourse - Online discussion board
Mindmeister - Online Mind Mapping website - Online mind mapping website
Doceri - Annotation and screen mimicking software
Interwrite Workspace - annotation and screen capture software
Discovery Education - Video streaming service
Safari Montage - video streaming service
TeacherTube - video streaming service
YouTube - video streaming service
Google Earth - Computer based maps
Photostory - video creation from images
Edline - Teacher parent web page communication tool

Social Studies TPACK Discussion Week

Second Life - Online virtual world
revQuest - Colonial Williamsburg's location based exploration
Skype - online video calls - this links to the education page of Skype
Mission US - web based simulation / game for revolutionary war and slavery
iCivics - web based simulations and games for civics - easy to use audio recording website
Virginia Trekkers - VA studies podcast / vodcast website
MovieMaker - Free windows video editing software
iMovie - Apple video editing software
Pixorial - free video creation software
National Archives - web based primary resource website
9/11 Digital Archive - web based primary resource website
Library of Congress Maps - web based primary resource website
History Tech Blog - blog of good history technology tools
Camtasia - video editing software

Diigo feed of other good Social Studies tools from Dr. Hofer

Math TPACK Discussion Week

Library of Virtual Manipulatives
The Geometer's Sketchpad
Elementary School Simulations
Khan Academy
Explore learning gizmos
Concept Mapping ( and webspiration)

Science TPACK Discussion Week

Explore Learning
Houghton Mifflin Science
My Physics Lab
The Why files


Try one of these sites, but be conscientious of copyright...
__Incompetech Royalty Free Music__ Kevin McLeod's searchable source of royalty free music.
__Open Source Audio__ from the Internet Archive
__ - music and more.
__ commonly used for podcasts, a good place to find Creative Commons music
__Adam Curry's Podsafe Music Network__used by artists to release their music copyright free
__Opsound__ click on genres. At Opsound musicians and sound artists are invited to add their work using a "copyleft" license developed by Creative Commons. Listeners are invited to download, share, remix, and reimagine.
__Creative Commons ccMixter__ Use ccMixter to download, cut up, remix & share
__Classic Cat__ (classical music)

Sound Effects
__Find Sounds__ Search engine for sounds
__Partners in Rhyme__: Free Sound Effects
__ - A great place to find sound effects, etc.

Music Loops: Like in GarageBand, use to create your own music

More Resources: These sites have additional copyright information and links to sites to find royalty free music
__Shambles: Sound Effects and Music__ Comprehensive portal collection by Chris Smith

__Educational CyberPlayGround: Get Music Downloads__ Links to portals and useful guidance