A portfolio (electronic or print-based) can serve many purposes in education. In the School of Education at the College of William & Mary you will develop an electronic portfolio (efolio) over the course of your program to document your work, demonstrate learning over time, and to promote reflection on your teaching practice. Your efolio will document your work for the purposes of program completion, teaching certification, and will be a valuable asset for you in your job search process.

In this assignment, your challenge is to create the framework or shell for your efolio. While this portfolio will not be completed by the end of this semester, the expectation is that you have completed the following components in a clean, professional manner which you can then "flesh out" in your other courses.

By the end of the semester, you should create the framework of your efolio website based on the William & Mary Teacher Education Program. As you move through your classes you can begin to write your reflective statements and link to artifacts (you will probably be able to use between 8-15 artifacts to connect to each competency and area). For the purposes of this class, your portfolio must:
  • include a home page with a brief description of the purpose of your portfolio, some information on who you are, and a picture that represents you in some way (3 points);
  • include links in the navigation bar to working pages (although they may be blank at this stage) for each area required by your methods instructor (2 points);
  • develop the Educational Technology page, which will include a reflection for each of the five ISTE NETS-T standards with supporting links and artifacts. (15 points).

To create your efolio you are encouraged to use the William & Mary WMWikis site. You will start by creating your account. Once you've created your account, be sure to use the "Teacher Educator - Elementary" template to create the appropriate pages and links. To continue your development of the efolio, you can visit the efolio Helpdesk to assist you in creating, designing, and editing your efolio. Once completed, please add a link to your efolio on the appropriate Students page for this course. The efolio must be completed and posted before class on April 23, 2013.